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President's Circle

President Conway-Turner embraces a donor.

Our Most Ardent Supporters

The President’s Circle is Buffalo State’s most select group of committed supporters.

President’s Circle members set the standard for annual contributions to Buffalo State through their foresight and generous giving, and the college proudly recognizes their leadership support. The President’s Circle was established to recognize those who make annual gifts of $1,500 or more.

We invite you to join this visionary group of leadership donors who share a commitment to Buffalo State’s mission of providing a high-quality education while maintaining access for all deserving students. Please contact us to learn more!

Individual Donors 2016-2017

Mrs. Traci A. Ackerman, ’98, and Mr. Michael T. Ackerman
Mr. Jorge M. Antonetti, ’95
Anonymous B.
Anonymous B.
Ms. Ulla Bak and Mr. J. P. Bak
Mr. William Benfanti
Mr. Mayhew M. Bernard, ’84
Mrs. Mary Kirsch Boehm, ’56, and Mr. Raymond F. Boehm 
Ms. Nancy Brock and Dr. Scott M. Goldman
Mrs. Linda K. Brown, ’69, and Mr. Ronald N. Brown Jr., ’77
Dr. Lyubov E. Burlakova and Dr. Alexander Y. Karatayev
Anonymous C. through the Generosity of the Madeline Davis
LGBT Archives Endowment Fund at the Community
Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Mrs. Margaret Candino and Mr. Paul Candino
Mrs. Mary Jo Cicatello Contino, ’76, ’78, and
Mr. James J. Contino, ’76 5
Dr. Linda Cowan and Dr. Richard Cowan
Mr. Michael E. Czapla
Dr. Wanda M. Davis 
Mrs. Barbara Drenning and Mr. John B. Drenning
Dr. Bonita R. Durand and Dr. Henry J. Durand
Mrs. Susan J. Earshen and Dr. John J. Earshen 
Mrs. Christine S. Elliott and Mr. John Elliott
Dr. William Engelbrecht 
Mrs. Lisa Flattery-Walsh and Mr. Timothy Walsh
Mrs. Barbara A. Flynn and Mr. Christopher J. Flynn
Mrs. Jacquelyn A. Flynn, ’72, ’77, and Mr. Peter T. Flynn
Ms. Heidi Freedman and Mr. Scott F. Propeack 
Friends of Buffalo State College Scholarship Gala
Friends of Football Team Fund 
Friends of Golf Tournament 
Mrs. Janet H. Ganley, ’87, and Dr. William T. Ganley 
Mrs. Marcia A. Gellin and Dr. Slade Gellin 
Dr. Lee Ann Grace and Mr. Howard W. Henry Jr.
Mrs. Joan Hammond, ’59, and Mr. David J. Hammond, ’57, ’62 
Mrs. Christine Hart and Mr. Wade S. Hart
The Honorable Carol E. Heckman
Mr. Paul J. Jauquet, ’86
Mrs. Yanick H. Jenkins and Mr. Terence Jenkins 
The Ross B. Kenzie Family / Ross B. Kenzie
Mr. Colby Khuns
Mrs. Melinda M. Kontos, ’88, and
Mr. Ulysses J. Kontos, ’63, ’68
Mrs. Susan Lamorte and Mr. Matthew J. Lamorte, ’80
Dr. David E. Lampe 
Mrs. Concetta M. La Penna, ’57, ’67 b 
Dr. Rosalyn A. Lindner b 5
Mr. Joseph LoTempio, ’66, ’68
Dr. Heather D. Maldonado 
Mrs. Kate Masiello and Mayor Anthony M. Masiello
Dr. James Mayrose 
Mrs. Janet McKenna and Mr. Paul McKenna
Mr. Gerald C. Mead Jr., ’85, ’86 
Dr. Michaelene M. Meger, ’85, and Mr. Theodore Sobolewski Jr. 
Miss Vivienne E. Miller, ’43 
Mrs. Diane E. Mulcahy and Dr. Kevin F. Mulcahy, ’73, ’75 
Ms. Kathleen M. Osborne and Mr. Daniel R. Idzik, ’56 
Dr. Wendy Anne Paterson, ’75, ’76 
Dr. Hal D. Payne b 
Mrs. Sarah A. Phelps and Dr. Stephen F. Phelps 
Dr. Dorothy R. Pieniadz, ’45 
Ms. Jill A. Powell, ’84, ’97 
Mrs. Mary K. Rehak and Mr. James J. Rehak Jr., ’95
Mrs. Bernice Richardson and Dr. F. C. Richardson
Mrs. Rosellen Ring-Easton and Dr. Douglas P. Easton 
Anonymous S.
Anonymous S.
Ms. Annie Schapiro 
Mrs. Carole Sedita and Mr. Joseph Sedita 
Mrs. Rebecca P. Severson and Dr. Mark W. Severson
Mrs. Susan Siskar and Dr. John F. Siskar, ’82 
Mrs. Donna G. Stempniak, ’74, ’81, and
Dr. Richard A. Stempniak, ’74, ’75 
Dr. Theresa R. Stephan Hains
Ms. Lynn T. Stievater
Ms. Cynthia R. Stites, ’06, and Mr. Donald L. Nagle 
Mr. Timothy Talty
Mrs. Catherine Tillou and Mr. Dana E. Tillou 
Mrs. Carol A. Vaughan and Capt. Thomas J. Vaughan, ’71
Mrs. Sarah Vélez, ’98, ’00, and Dr. Daniel C. Vélez, ’01
Mrs. Patricia Wieczorek and Dr. William F. Wieczorek
Dr. Kathy L. Wood and Dr. Kevin Wood 
Dr. Michael W. Wood
Anonymous Y. 
Anonymous Y., ’85 
Dr. Carol Zapalowski, ’77, and Mr. Andy Nill 
Mrs. Ann M. Zogby and Mr. Christopher Zogby, ’95
Mrs. Mary Ellen Zuffranieri, ’80, and
Mr. Benjamin M. Zuffranieri, ’80 

Organizational Donors 2016-2017

BHNT Architects PC
The Buffalo News 
Buffalo Sabres & Niagara Frontier Hockey
Buffalo Spine Medicine and Rehab PLLC
Donald H. Cloudsley Foundation
Evans Bank
G & G Fitness Equipment Inc.
Carlos and Elizabeth Heath Foundation
The Gerald and Sandra Lippes Foundation Inc.
Mach Architecture PC
Magavern Pool Inc. 
National Academy of Sciences
Salvatore Properties LLC
Sandhill Capital Partners
Van Vliet Enterprises Inc.
Watts Architecture & Engineering PC
Wendel Companies
Wiley Rein LLP


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