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Alumni Profile: John Bobey Jr., '91

Posted: July 10, 2013

Making people laugh comes naturally to John Bobey Jr., ’91, a New York City writer and television producer who has worked for some of the best in the comedy industry—David Letterman, Dana Carvey, Bill Maher. He created the series Help Wanted for the Learning Channel and has written for many comedy shows, along with penning wickedly funny articles and blogs for the Huffington Post and McSweeney’s.

Bobey discusses his politics, love life, and awkward teen years growing up in Syracuse, New York, in a deadpan, self-deprecating manner. His style may be funny, but his message for college students preparing for the real world strikes a serious tone.

“Employers don’t care if you earned a 4.0. They want to know if you’re an interesting person,” said Bobey, who is nothing if not interesting. As a general studies major, Bobey took several writing and liberal arts courses.

“My broad-based education was a gift,” Bobey said. “I worked at the Oxygen Network for three years. I don’t have a uterus, but I know a little about women’s issues. My education at Buffalo State helped me know a little about a lot of different things.”

Likewise, Bobey advises students to take a wide swath of classes and get involved in the campus. Write for the Record or work for WBNY as he did. Join the Theater Department. Be informed; pick up the New York Times.

“What happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside,” he said.

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