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President's Circle

President Conway-Turner embraces a donor.

Our Most Ardent Supporters

The President’s Circle is Buffalo State’s most select group of committed supporters.

President’s Circle members set the standard for annual contributions to Buffalo State through their foresight and generous giving, and the college proudly recognizes their leadership support. The President’s Circle was established to recognize those who make annual gifts of $1,500 or more.

We invite you to join this visionary group of leadership donors who share a commitment to Buffalo State’s mission of providing a high-quality education while maintaining access for all deserving students. Please contact us to learn more!

Individual Donors 2014-2015

Ms. Deborah A. Abgott 
Ms. Bonnie Arnesen, ‘80
Mrs. Rita Argen Auerbach, ‘54, ‘74
Mr. Wayne D. Bacon and Mrs. Mary C. Bacon
Mrs. Dianne C. Baumert-Moyik, ‘87
Mr. William Benfanti 
Mr. Jerry S. Boyes and Mrs. Susan Boyes, ‘09
Mr. Ronald N. Brown Jr., ‘77 
Ms. Susan Burman
Mr. Miguel A. Calderon, ‘75
Dr. Nancy W. Chicola, ‘66 
Mr. James J. Contino, ‘76, and
Mrs. Mary Jo Cicatello Contino, ‘76, ‘78 
Anonymous D., ‘89, ‘94
Dr. Wanda M. Davis
Mr. Adrian F. Dedecker III, ‘76, and
Mrs. Clotilde Dedecker 
Dr. Bonita R. Durand and Dr. Henry J. Durand 
Ms. Mary E. Dwyer 
Mrs. Susan J. Earshen and Dr. John J. Earshen 
Dr. Douglas P. Easton 
Mrs. Diana L. Elghanayan, ‘75 
Mr. Bernard M. Engel
Dr. William E. Engelbrecht 
Anonymous F. 
Mrs. Martha Ann Falsone, ‘61, ‘67, and
Mr. Leonard Falsone
Mr. John D. Fatta 
Mrs. Jacquelyn A. Flynn, ‘72, ‘77, and
Mr. Peter T. Flynn 
Mr. David P. Flynn and Mrs. Beth Roehling-Flynn
Friends of the Football Team Fund
Dr. Slade Gellin
Mr. David J. Hammond, ‘57, ‘62, and
Mrs. Joan Hammond, ‘59
Mr. Karl Heerdt
Mr. Peter J. Heffley, ‘68 
Dr. Robert E. Horvat 
Mr. Kevin R. Hunt, ‘76
Mrs. Yanick H. Jenkins 
Dr. Karen A. Jones, ‘84
Ms. Brigitte V. Kallen, ‘56 
Dr. Alexander Y. Karatayev 
Ms. Bethany J. Krull, ‘04, and Mr. Jesse Walp
Dr. David E. Lampe and
Mrs. Ruth E. Lampe, ‘75*
Mrs. Dorothy K. Lawson* and Mr. Eric Lawson*
Dr. Rosalyn A. Lindner
Mr. Joseph Lonzi and Mr. Vincent Botticelli
Dr. Daniel L. MacIsaac and
Ms. Kathleen A. Falconer 
William and Linda Maggio
Dr. James Mayrose
Mr. Scott McFarland and
Mrs. Carol J. McFarland 
Dr. Éliane McKee
Dr. Michaelene M. Meger, ‘85
Dr. Kevin F. Mulcahy, ‘73, ‘75, and
Mrs. Diane E. Mulcahy
Ms. Anna Mae Murphy, ‘58
Mr. Charles J. Naughton, ‘85
Mrs. Gina O’Neill 
Dr. Wendy Anne Paterson, ‘75 ,’76
Dr. Hal D. Payne 
Ms. Elaine Polvinen, ‘73*
Ms. Jill A. Powell, ‘84, ‘97 
Dr. Gerard J. Puccio, ‘85, ‘87 
Mr. Russell J. Ram, ‘74 
Deborah and Thomas Renzi 
Mr. Michael Ribits and Mrs. Nancy L. Ribits
Mrs. Sally Roy-Moehlau, ‘50, ‘73
Mrs. Michelle Y. Rudnicki and
Mr. Ronald J. Rudnicki
Mr. Gerald C. Saxe and
Mrs. Kathleen M. Saxe, ‘72
Ms. Katherine Sehr
Dr. Mark W. Severson and
Mrs. Rebecca P. Severson
Dr. Margaret A. Shaw-Burnett
Dr. Barbara A. Sherman 
Dr. Richard A. Stempniak, ‘74, ‘75, and
Mrs. Donna G. Stempniak, ‘74, ‘81
Dr. Theresa R. Stephan Hains
Ms. Cynthia R. Stites, ‘06, and Mr. Donald Nagle
Mrs. Rita C. Sturgis, ‘71, ‘72
Mrs. Marlene J. Taylor, ‘58, and
Mr. R. Dennis Taylor, ‘58, ‘73
Dr. Sheldon J. Tetewsky
Mrs. Lenore Tetkowski, ‘66
Dr. Daniel C. Vélez, ‘01, and
Mrs. Sarah Vélez, ‘98, ‘00
Mr. Keith R. Vona, ‘01
Mr. Peter Vukelic
Ms. Judith C. Walsh
Mr. Timothy Walsh and Mrs. Lisa Flattery-Walsh
Dr. William F. Wieczorek
Mr. Robert C. Williams, ‘79
Mr. Richard Winter, ‘76
Mr. Wayne D. Wisbaum and
Mrs. Janet K. Wisbaum
Dr. Kathy L. Wood and Dr. Kevin Wood
Anonymous Y.
Dr. Carol Zapalowski, ‘77
Mr. Wayne M. Zimmerman, ‘90
Mr. Christopher Zogby, ‘95
Benjamin M. Zuffranieri, Esq., ‘80, and
Mrs. Mary Ellen Zuffranieri, ‘80

* deceased

Organizational Donors 2014-2015

5707 Main St. Inc.
Advantage Sport & Fitness
Bank of America Foundation
BRD Construction Company
Buffalo State College Professional Staff Caucus
City of Buffalo
Coles Restaurant Inc.
Erie County Medical Center Corporation
Javen Construction
Lippes Family Charitable Foundation
Magavern Pool Inc.
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Northtown Automotive Companies
NYBDC Charitable Foundation
Riverrun-NA Inc.
Upstate Rebar LLC
US Didactic
The Vogt Family Foundation
Wiley Rein LLP


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